Dale and Jena Forehand
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About Dale and Jena Forehand

Dale and Jena are sought after speakers for conferences and events all across the country including regular keynote speakers for Lifeway's Festival of Marriage. They have been featured on the cover of Lifeway's HomeLife Magazine and CBN's The 700 Club. Together they founded Stained Glass Ministries and have published numerous books and study guides including, Let's Get Real and the Authenticity series. They currently reside in Birmingham, Alabama with their children Cole and Jorja.


Both were raised in church and came from fine Christian homes; they felt pretty secure about entering their married life. But by 1996 their marriage had reached an all-time low. "There was no love, no joy, no relationship," they say. Throughout this time, both were very active in church – Dale a deacon and Jena a wonderful singer. They taught a young married Sunday School class. From the outside, they seemed to have a perfect marriage. Looks were deceiving.

The Forehand's marriage was riddled with anger, fights, and a struggle for control. Their unmet expectations meant two very unhappy people who took out their frustrations on each other. Caught in the middle of this tug-of-war were two young children, son Cole and daughter Jorja...

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