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Stained Glass Ministries exist to enlighten, empower and equip individuals to walk with God, exhibiting HIS glory in their lives and relationships through Biblical teaching and training. Please select a category or a topic.

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Listen Christmas - Reminding others about Christ
  This podcast is dedicated to all of us dealing with the Christmas CRAZE! How truly important it is to keep the meaning of Christmas in the forefront of our minds and as we do, to be intentional about reminding others about Jesus!
Listen Christmas and holiday blues
  For many, Christmas is stressful, lonely and "joy to the world" is for everyone else but them. Today's podcast with Bonnie Roberts is for all of us this Christmas season. Whether you are in the absolute best place in your life or if you have some challenges facing you this Christmas season, here are some practical tips on how to go through the Christmas season without having the Christmas and holiday blues.
Listen Cole Forehand's Worship Song - The Greatest One
  Cole wrote this song after reading Crazy Love and it is based on Malachi 1:11...The Greatest One is Jesus Christ
Listen Crucified with Christ
  I (Dale) remember learning Galatians 2:20 when I was a teenager. Well, now I wanted to share some truth about this passage in hopes that you too will live the life Christ died for you to live
Listen Forgiveness - Authentic Forgiveness

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