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Marriage and Family: What is your life really about?

October 25, 2016

Over the last 15 years of ministry, I (Dale) have had the privilege of meeting thousands of people from all walks of life, different denominations from various parts of this great country. The one thing I know: people are people.  We all have challenges, we all have a past, we all have a back-drop of experiences that has formed our way of thinking, we all have dreams and we all have questions about life! In other words:  "what is my life really about?" 

Sometimes, we wrap the "what is my life really about" question by our decisions of who will I marry, where will I work, how many kids will we have, where will I live, etc.  And while all of these impact the quality of our life, they do not answer the question "what is my life really about?"  That question is much deeper. 

So, I've written this for all of you who are looking for the answer to this deeper question.  Here's what we know, we are Spiritual beings.  This is critical because the "what is my life really about" question has to then be answered through the lenses of the impact you can make spiritually on this world. To be clear, what I mean by spiritual impact is the impact you can make on this world as you reflect and advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  As I wrote in my book for men entitled Often Told, Rarely Trained:

“God ultimately desires to use everything in your life to transform you.  He wants to take you, using the unique, God-granted glory within you and advance His kingdom through you.”

This is what life is really about:  being used by God to advance His kingdom.  Jesus Christ left us here to finish the mission He started.  That’s why the three greatest days in our lives are: one, the day we are born; two the day we are born again; and three the day we discover how our being born again can be uniquely used by God to fulfill HIS purpose with our lives. When you discover this, you will be discovering what your life is really about!

So, here's some ways you can begin the journey of discovering this for yourself.  I encourage you to take some time, get alone with God, and ask yourself these questions.

1.  What makes me come alive spiritually?

2.  How and to whom will I give my spiritual strengths away?

3.  What am I going to do with what God has given me:  my resources, my influence, my time?

4.  What dream has the Lord birthed in my heart for HIM?

5.  What if I die and the God dream I have in my heart is never pursued, how will I explain that to God?

I don't know how you, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will answer these questions.  But I do know this: God has birthed within all of HIS followers a calling, seeds of greatness, a glory of HIS handiwork to be displayed through their lives.  He wants to take our spiritual gifting’s, passions and dreams and use it for HIS Glory.  He wants to take our past and pain and turn it into a passion for HIS Kingdom.  He wants to take our mess-ups and turn them into opportunities for ministry.  He wants to take our stories of HIS deliverance and grace and give them away so that others can be delivered as well.  He has left us here to finish the work he started.  The work outlined in Luke 4:18-21 where Christ himself read his mission statement.  I know this, when you give yourself away for the cause of Christ, you actually discover what your life is really about.

So, the challenge is this:  Seek Christ with all your heart!  Go on the journey of asking HIM to reveal to you how you can make a difference! Take your next step of faith by making an eternal impact while here on earth.  

I'd love to hear from you, so start a conversation by replying to these questions or the blog over-all! 

How have you discovered what God uniquely made you to do? 

How have you seen the fulfilment of your spiritual purpose make a difference in your life and the life of others?

Why do you think people don't move toward their spiritual purpose? 

Dale Forehand is the co-founder of Stained Glass Ministries with his wife Jena (for more on Jena's ministry to women, visit www.jenaforehand.com).  They lead and speak at conferences nationally for men, women and marriages. He is the author of Often Told, Rarely Trained … becoming the man you’ve always been told to be. To contact Dale and Jena, book a conference or get a copy of his book or other resources, visit www.daleandjena.com. You can also find him on Twitter @daleforehand


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