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Marriage and Family: Why

November 05, 2013

Do you think the title of today's blog is something we all hate to say?  I know most of the time I hate to say  "I Can't"!  Whether it is trying to do something that I personally want to do or doing something for someone else - I hate to say "I can't"  The reason this is hard for me to say and for most people is that the moment we say we can't, we are also saying that we may not have the answers or the abilities to do something. Today, I want to change this perspective for you by sharing why "I can't" are two words you need to say when it comes to walking with Christ. 

Here's why...until a person gets to the place of being able to say "I can't" spiritually, they will try to live their Christian life through their own efforts, always trying to have the answers and the abilities necessary to be a Christ follower. I heard a pastor say one time - God has made no provision for you to live the Christian life.  When he said that, I thought:  Yea He did, he gave me his Spirit, his Word, other Christians to help me along my journey.  Obviously when I heard the Pastor say this I was hooked by his statement.  He then followed up with this truth:  The Christian life is NOT FOR US TO LIVE but for CHRIST to live IN US and THROUGH US.  The secret is getting to the place of saying "I CAN'T" but Christ CAN.  Jesus told us this when he said: "apart from me you can do nothing." So let this sink in today. Stop trying to LIVE the Christian life in your own engergies, abilities and answers and start letting Christ LIVE IT through you.  How, you might ask?  Try the "3-I's":


First, remember as a follower of Jesus, you are indwelled with the Holy Spirit. So the first "I" is INDWELLED.  The third person of the Trinity is with you, indwelling you, guiding you.  So let HIM lead and you follow. To do so, you have to stay in a constant state of surrender while maintaining and practicing the presence of God.  This is what it means in scripture to keep in step with the Spirit, abide in the vine, listen to the voice of God guiding you. The second "I" is INDEPENDENCE.  Stop going through your day independent of Christ.  A great way to do this is to "refocus" yourself multilple times each day.  Set an appointment on your calendar, smart-phone, something that reminds you that God is with you.  Jena does this 4 times a day with a pop-up calendar notification on her phone so that she can refocus on God's presence.  The third "I" is INTIMACY.  Remember, letting Christ live through you is not a formula, it is a relationship.  The more you grow your intimacy with Christ the more HE will live in you and through you.  The Christian life is not a rule keeping, sin managing, head heavy but heart empty religion.  The Christian life is a daily relationship, recharged and revamped many times each day as more of HIM grows in more of you. It is a dying to self, a commitment to be Christ-like not just Christian-like.  It is a life-long journey of your own transformation into the image of Christ...all of which will only happen if you say "I can't" do but Christ can.

So today, embrace the two little words "I can't". Try to keep the "3-I's" in front of you each day...if you do, we believe you will find freedom, purpose, passion in your walk with Christ that is now being LIVED THROUGH YOU AND NOT BY YOU!  Here's the questions we'd love to hear your thoughts on:


How do you think the "I can't" but God can approach to the Christian life impacts a persons walk with Christ?


We'd love to hear from you so leave us a comment.    


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Nana On Wednesday, November 11 at 10:17 AM
More of you, Lord and less of me!

Rodney Wilson On Wednesday, November 11 at 1:59 AM
Well put my friend. Thx for the reminder that it is indeed Christ who lives in us. The battle (and the victories) are His. Love you, Dale.

Dale and Jena On Wednesday, November 11 at 2:01 AM
Rodney - we are thankful for you and Selma ... thanks for all you do to for the cause of Christ