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Marriage and Family: Teenager pregnant out of wedlock - now what?

December 03, 2014

You just found out you are pregnant out of wedlock - now what?  On top of that, no one is going to believe who the father is?  What will people think?  What will you do? These are some of the questions the mother of Jesus must have faced when the Angel Gabriel announced her pregnancy.  But intertwined in the proclamation of her pregnancy, there are 4 truths for us today.  While your current situation may not be an unplanned pregnancy, we bet you, just like Mary have questions!  Questions like:  What is God up to?  Where is HE?  Why is this happening?  What am I suppossed to do now?  In Luke 1: 46-55 we get a glimpse into Mary's response called Mary's Song:

VS 48: God is mindful of your situation - isn't this great news, no matter what you are facing, God is mindful of where you are right at this moment!  You may not feel this is true, but let us encourage you, God is near, God sees, God knows!

VS 50:  He cares about your future - while our current situation may have a lot of questions, the one assurance as a follower of Christ is that our future is secure.  In the midst of the "why's and what's of life" it helps us all to keep our eyes on eternity

VS 52:  He lifts up the humble - we know struggles, challenges, failures, unanswered questions, things not going our way are never fun, but the truth is, God uses these things in our lives to keep us humble and dependent upon HIM.  In the midst of your questions, remain humble, HE promises to lift you up!

VS 55: God always keeps HIS word - today, be encouraged, no matter what you are facing, God keeps his promises.  Don't let your uncertainty and unexpected circumstances drive you away from God...no, stay close to HIM, seek HIM, trust HIM - HE is faithful.


1.  How do these four responses by Mary help you in "real" life today?

2.  Will you share a time where these 4 truth happened in your life?


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