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Marriage and Family: How men make women cry

August 24, 2016

I love it when my wife cries...there is nothing that brings me more joy and satisfaction.  Just last week, I made Jena cry BIG TIME and it was awesome.

Here's how it happened.  Jena turned 50 years old on Saturday.  And after knowing her for over 30 years now, I've learned a few things about making her cry.  Sad to say, I've made her cry for the wrong reasons over the course of our lives together ... But as I've matured and personally grown up in our marriage, I am striving now to make her cry for the right ones.

You see, if you really want to make your woman cry for the right reasons, then you are going to have to know a few things about her...but when you make her cry for the right reasons, it will bring you great joy and satisfaction. 

Here's what I mean:  as her husband, I want to bring joy, satisfaction, happiness to the core of my wife's soul.  I want her to be happy, reallly happy in the core of her being.  To do so, I have to become a student of my wife.  I have to listen to her heart.  I have to know what is important to her and then do everything I can to love her in such a way that touches her soul.  For my lovely wife, family is everthing.  For my wife, serving Christ and others is everything.   For my wife, hearing her heart, letting her know mine, understanding her longings, knowing her passions, encouraging her in her calling, partnering spiritually and then being able to communicate that back to her is giving her the amazing freedom and opportunity to be known, heard and supported - this is a big deal in marriage.  And as a man, this stuff is not easy, but this stuff makes her cry.

So, I put my mission into motion.  I wanted to make her cry on her 50th birthday.  I surprised her by flying our son and daughter in from out of town.  I arranged for us to go help our daughter move into her apartment. I made a reservation at her favorite restaurant and I asked her friends to send her encouraging emails on how she has impacted their lives.  We created a Life Well Lived Box and put all the emails in it.  This stuff made her cry for all the right reasons and I was full of joy.

Men, you too can make your wife cry for the right reasons.  I encourage you to do so but only for the right reason of bringing her joy, happines and fulfillment.  So, if you are going make her cry for the right reasons, in the right way...become a student of your wife.  Here are a few things I've learned along the way:

1.  Listen to her heart

2.  Know her emotional and soul desires

3.  Discover what makes her come alive

4.  Learn what motivates her and what is important to her

5.  Share your heart and desires with her

6.  Connect with her spirtiually

And then put your mission of making her cry for the right reasons into motion.  I know this, she will love you more for it.  And you will be glad you did. 

Yep, I made Jena cry and I smiled, our family laughed, our weekend was awesome...it was a great birthday! 

 --Yacine Mzmbi

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