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Marriage and Family: Resolution Carry Overs

January 02, 2012
Each January, our family sits down together and looks 
at the past year's resolutions. 
We celebrate the goals that were accomplished and forecast 
new goals for the next year. We always have a bunch of 
"carry-overs." You know, those goals that never seem to 
get accomplished but get pushed to next year, many of them 
remaining on the list for years! Anybody?
Maybe the carry-overs remain because WE are making the 
resolutions instead of asking God what He wants on the list. 
Maybe they carry over because they are 
things that God wants us to begin to pray about 
and then prepare us for over the 
years to come.  Many times, our lists have a lot of 
carry-overs simply because we lack 
two very important things: determination and discipline. 
We may have short-lived willpower, but the Word says without 
the Spirit's power, we will fail. We need 
Spirit-power to sustain us and give us the 
determination to see it through to 
completion, even when our fleshly body and mind are weary. 
We must make up our minds and then put into practice those 
things that get us the desired results. 
Jesus said that those who hear His Word and put it into practice 
have a house that is built on the rock.
This next year, we are committed to having both 
determination and discipline in accomplishing what we believe 
God is calling us to individually and as a family. 
AND We are committed to you. That's wny, each week, we will be offering 
a blog, as well as, an audio, and a video resource to help enlighten, encourage, 
equip, and empower you with truths based on the Word.
We will also include a "double-dog dare" 
to help you put into practice what you’ve read, heard and seen.
We really believe God is going to use all of this to help us grow 
into more fully devoted followers of Christ.
To be a part is as easy as 1,2, 3
1.  Register right now to receive our blogs via email.
2.  Read the blog, follow the links to the audio and video teaching
3.  Post your comments on our blogs and send us a "contact us form" if you 
    have topics or areas you want us to discuss.
So join us each week! Do the “double-dog dare” send us your request,  
let us know what God reveals and may 2012 be a year of incredible 
spiritual growth and freedom for all of us...let’s resolve to do this together with 
determination and discipline!
Our first blog post with audio and video teaching will be posted
January 9th...
Can't wait to see all God does in 2012
We love you all,
Dale and Jena

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Christy Logan On Monday, January 01 at 9:46 AM
Very excited about your blog and looking forward to what God is going to do in 2012.